Nick has been in post now since August 2016. He is passionate to see the gospel transforms lives and communities and to this end has a vision that not only would the church grow but that it would be a church planting church. Nick and his wife Susan have three children and in his spare time he enjoys both playing and watching football.


I grew up in Dudley in the West Midlands and some say my accent still betrays me.

I went to Sunday School as a child and then to a local Methodist Church. It meant little to me until my mid teens when I realised I faced a choice of seeking to live as a Christian or letting go of church. I sought to follow Christ as a disciple and on leaving school attended Cliff College, the Methodist Church Bible College for a year where I met a girl who was to become my wife. She came from a place I had never heard of – Dukinfield.

I have worked in the Insurance Industry for over 30 years, mostly as a Loss Adjuster. After a time working in London we moved to Dukinfield in 1986 where we have lived ever since. I have been a deacon of Dukinfield Congregational Church for longer than I can remember and believe firmly in the vital importance of the local church within the community.


I’m a Dukinfield Girl born & bred. I was very fortunate to born into a Christian home where my parents & grandparents both worked tirelessly to serve a God.

When I hit my teenage years I didn’t attend church as regularly and the pull of clubbing down Ashton seemed more appealing and exciting than going to church.

It wasn’t really until I had my first child that it hit me like a ton of bricks that living a God centred life was the best and only way for me to live and bring me true happiness and hope for the future.

Being on the church leadership team is an honour and one that I don’t really feel equipped for or worthy of but I know that this is where God wants me to be and I am excited for the future of DCC.


I’ve been the church treasurer since 1995. My overall job is to ensure that the finances of the church are maintained accurately, honestly and used to God’s glory.

This involves the banking of all income, paying bills and keeping clear accounts. These need to satisfy the Church and, if necessary, the Charity Commission. Each month I need to ensure the Pastor and any other employees are paid, the HMRC requirements are met and that the church meets its pension obligations. Each year it is my job to also claim back much of the Gift Aid owed to the church by HMRC.

There are a number of other jobs which are attached to the treasurer’s job including negotiating the four fuel contracts we have for Gas and Electricity on two sites.

I’m now retired but my earlier life was mainly spent in Social Work. I trained at Cardiff University and then spent 15 years working in various parts of Manchester Social Services. After that I managed a service in Salford run jointly by Social Services and Barnardos. There we served the needs of children with disabilities and their families, with Social Work, w/e activities, summer play schemes for over 200 children and various other support services.

My wife, Annette, spent many years as the Practice Nurse at the Town Hall Surgery, Dukinfield. We have two sons, one a physiotherapist and the other a Carpenter.